Julian Mock



"Squaring the Circle (of Fifths)" is a work-in-progress played on nylon stringed guitar with slide. Sections of the piece contain all twelve tones in the Western musical scale played in a row of stacked fifths.

This piece demonstrates several of the concepts Alyce Santoro and I (Projects for Prepared Ear) debuted at the New Music Gathering in Baltimore in January 2016.

More on the Tonal Relativity project can be found here.


Possible Present - sheet music for solo guitar

Possible Present – from the Ecstatic Mechanism album – is a work for solo guitar with "extemporal area" (guided improvisation zone).

I am making the sheet music for this piece available as a free download (PDF). I would greatly appreciate any thoughts or comments you may be willing to share!

Please visit the sheet music page for more.