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Early years immersed in music and travel led me to become a perpetual student of the guitar and the sounds it can produce. With a foundation in classical guitar, I have played all kinds of guitars in a multitude of styles and ensembles, from classical to folk, jazz, and improv.

My works for solo guitar grew out of desire to create listenable études for practicing difficult maneuvers. Explorations of old and new techniques, tonalities, textures, rhythms, and ideas from different eras and places lend these pieces their unique flavor.

My first album of original solo compositions, Sound Travels, was recorded in 2002 on an acoustic steel stringed guitar. This collection of sixteen tracks was played with a pick and the fingers of the right hand, while the left engaged in a variety of antics including slapping, scraping, and plucking.

For the works on Ecstatic Mechanism, my 2012 solo album, I returned to my first instrument: the nylon stringed guitar. The pieces in this collection, composed between 2004 and 2012, range from minimal to complex in rhythm and texture. I plan to publish the sheet music for each piece as time permits - three are currently available on the sheet music page. I hope you will enjoy listening to (and possibly playing) the music as much as I have enjoyed making it!

In 1972 my parents, both music teachers, published a method book for teaching the classic guitar based on the Suzuki approach to learning violin. In the late 1970's and early '80's my family toured North America and Europe performing as a quintet, giving workshops on guitar orchestras and teaching children. Beginning in 1973 they also published Creative Guitar International (CGI), a magazine focused on the classic guitar happenings of the time.

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I have created a digital archive of all 17 issues of CGI. Aside from presenting a historical perspective, CGI has many articles about unique playing and practicing techniques, as well  as suggested repetoire for solo and guitar ensembles.

I am an independent artist, self-producing and distributing my work. I compose, record, and score the pieces, as well as construct and maintain this website. Proceeds from the sale of my albums and sheet music make this possible. Thank you for supporting my work, and for supporting independent music!

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