Spring West Coast Tour 2014


JULIAN MOCK – Guitarist/Composer Spring 2014 West Coast Tour


In September 2013, composer/guitarist Julian Mock released ECSTATIC MECHANISM, a collection of 8 innovative compositions for solo nylon-stringed guitar. In April 2014 he will be presenting these works in small venues throughout New Mexico, Colorado, Oregon, and California.

Born into a musical family, Julian Mock is a perpetual student of the guitar as an instrument as well as the sounds it can produce. Having played in classical, jazz, and improvisational ensembles on both electric and acoustic instruments, designing listenable études for practicing difficult maneuvers led him, somewhat inadvertently, to create new compositions for solo guitar. Exploring old and new techniques, tonalities, and rhythms, and combining textures and ideas from different eras and places, Mock creates intricate, innovative, polyphonic mosaics of sonic possibilities. Sound Travels, Mock’s 2002 album of solo compositions, was recorded on an acoustic steel stringed guitar. For the works on Ecstatic Mechanism, released in late 2013, he returned to his first instrument: the nylon stringed guitar. The compositions draw inspiration from Mock’s diverse musical background, weaving together elements of dissonance and melody, tradition and experimentation, ranging from minimal to complex in rhythm and texture.

MARCH 30 SUNDAY 11am: Java Joe’s Café, 906 Park Ave, Albuquerque, NM
MARCH 30 SUNDAY 6:30 – 7:30: Levitated Toy Factory, 700 Silver Ave. SW, Albuquerque, NM
Doors open at 6, Indoor picnic-style: BYO Cushion/chair, drink/snack
APRIL 1 TUESDAY 7pm: Cloud5Project, 1805 2nd St, Santa Fe, NM
APRIL 6 SUNDAY 5pm: Salon at Justice Snow’s, Aspen, CO
APRIL 10 THURSDAY 4pm: Tsunami Books, Eugene OR
APRIL 13 SUNDAY 2pm: Community Presbyterian Church 360 W. 7th St., Yachats, OR
APRIL 16 WEDNESDAY 5-7pm: Yachats Brewing Market Farmstore, 348 Hwy 101, Yachats, OR
Solo guitar and trio music with “Fiddling around Ruth” and Alyce Santoro
APRIL 18 FRIDAY 7pm: The Lofts at Mile Post 5, 900 NE 81st Ave. #302, Portland, OR
APRIL 20 SUNDAY 7pm: Open Mic at The Green Salmon 220 Hwy. 101, Yachats, OR
APRIL 27 SUNDAY: House Concert, Sausalito, CA

To listen to Julian’s music please visit:  julianmock.com

5/14 addendum: Many thanks to everyone involved for helping to make this tour successful!