Visiting Reed Maxson

guitar mandala by Reed Maxson

guitar mandala by Reed Maxson

One of the highlights of my 2014 spring tour was visiting Reed and Sara Maxson in Yolo County, CA. We had a great time reading through scores of pieces Reed had composed or arranged, playing  around on his musical sculptures, and of course catching up.

In 1975 Reed composed Three Pieces for guitar quartet, quintet or ensemble, for The Mock Family Guitarists, of which I was the youngest member. My family enjoyed performing Reed’s composition on our tours during the mid to late ’70s. More of Reed’s music, including  Seven Pieces for flute and guitar, were also mainstays in the Mock household.

Those of us interested in innovative original music are delighted that Reed has been putting much of his music and scores online. From recreating hand-written scores in Finale, to digitizing cassette tape recordings 40 years old, anyone can now be exposed to Reed Maxson’s works, which have been a constant source of inspiration for me since I was five!